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Interest And Fees

Risk Category Low Risk Moderate Risk Moderately High Risk High Risk
Interest Range 14% - 17.9% 18% - 21.9% 22% - 26.9% 27% and above
Processing Fees 3.50% 4% 5.00% 6.50%

Borrower Registration Fee - We charge a one-time non-refundable fee of Rs. 500 as registration fee.

Penal Charges - If EMIs are not paid within the due date, penal charges of 40% p.a. on the overdue EMI amount are applicable over and above Rs. 500 as collection charge.

Cheque Bounce Charges - Rs. 500 is charged in case of any cheque bounce.

Legal Notice Charges - Rs. 500 on issuance of any legal notice arising out of breach of loan terms and covenants.

Loan Foreclosure Charges - After paying EMI for 3 months, loan can be fully foreclosed without any charges.

Platform Collection Charges - Rs. 500 as collection charge for any delayed EMI

GST of 18% is applicable on all fees and charges.

Disclaimer : Our attention has recently been drawn to the fraudulent activities of persons who misrepresent to third parties that they are employees or authorized representatives of Lendingpark.in or LendingPark Solutions Pvt Ltd in order to cheat them.  Please be aware that the only legitimate domain for Lendingpark.in is www.lendingpark.in and we are nowhere connected with any business that invites/raises deposits with any person. we are a platform that helps in arranging loan facilities and provides collections services to lenders. we do not charge any upfront fees - File charges, Loan Insurance fees. We urge you to please verify that any third party asking for any advance fees by checking with us at the below-mentioned contact details. If you are in doubt about any email, phone call, communication, etc, please do not respond by revealing personal information about yourself or your company and strictly refrain from forwarding any money to third parties prior to verification with lendingpark.in .

To verify about company executives or any third party asking for any advance fees or to report any suspicious behavior, please contact us at support@lendingpark.in  or  +91-9999420155 between 9:30 am to 6:00 pm IST from Monday to Saturday.

We do not charge any upfront or cash fees and loan insurance fees in cash.

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