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Why Borrow Through Lendingpark

We provide hassle-free loans in a transparent way. Lendingpark creates win-win situations for both borrowers and lenders. Borrowers get loans through an easy and streamlined process at a reasonable ROI and also helps lenders to earn attractive returns. Lenders can higher returns compared to asset classes such as Debt/Equity at 20% net of all fees.

Quick Approvals of Loans within 7 working days

Loans upto2 lakhs with flexibility in repayment tenure

Competitive interest rates compared to traditional sources such as Micro Finance institutions, Gold Loans and Local Money Lenders

No foreclosure charges on the loan after 3 months

EMI collection at doorstep through our local branches

No hidden charges

Disclaimer : Our attention has recently been drawn to the fraudulent activities of persons who misrepresent to third parties that they are employees or authorized representatives of Lendingpark.in or LendingPark Solutions Pvt Ltd in order to cheat them.  Please be aware that the only legitimate domain for Lendingpark.in is www.lendingpark.in and we are nowhere connected with any business that invites/raises deposits with any person. we are a platform that helps in arranging loan facilities and provides collections services to lenders. we do not charge any upfront fees - File charges, Loan Insurance fees. We urge you to please verify that any third party asking for any advance fees by checking with us at the below-mentioned contact details. If you are in doubt about any email, phone call, communication, etc, please do not respond by revealing personal information about yourself or your company and strictly refrain from forwarding any money to third parties prior to verification with lendingpark.in .

To verify about company executives or any third party asking for any advance fees or to report any suspicious behavior, please contact us at support@lendingpark.in  or  +91-9999420155 between 9:30 am to 6:00 pm IST from Monday to Saturday.

We do not charge any upfront or cash fees and loan insurance fees in cash.

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